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I’m a Lifestyle Coach, Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant. Read on to see why I am different that some other intuitive readers out there and decide for yourself. 


I’m all about helping you in any and all areas of your life. I’m super compassionate, and passionate about helping others and I love to share, and talk.  I’ve been accused of being too intense, but really, it’s passion and I care fiercely about what I decide I love. Not everyone can say that.



If I don’t love it I won’t do it, period. I decided that life is way too short to dread things in my life. Including people!IMG_1873


I LOVE going deep!  One of my superpowers is that I’m not afraid of those emotions that some people feel are “negative.”


Nothing is negative, nothing is positive, things are what they are, and they either resonate or they don’t. Sometimes those “negative” emotions are there to teach us lessons. They are vehicles that bring us where we need to be, though we MAY fear to be there. They are like small boats on choppy waters. Your small boat can be strong.


Here’s a “for instance.” If you ignore anger, it grows into bitterness. Now that is one I would rather avoid, it will put a hole in your boat, but the trick is, when you examine it, take it apart and reframe it, it’s simply anger that really wants to be see, and if ignored, will fester as bitterness like an infection under your skin.


Come on!! Do you want that??


Are you willing to embrace the anger, treat it with decency and it will give you gifts, it won’t destroy you. I’m different because I can walk you through these things.


imageIf you want to stay shallow, if you simply want to know things like when your house will sell, or when you will meet the love of your life down to the month, or anything that is just predictive. It that’s what you want there are many readers who will oblige, that’s not me. No judgment at all, it’s just that my role as a reader is to help and coach you to know what’s going on within you and know YOUR energy so you can BEND it, change it, and I will walk you to those areas that need attention so you can achieve what you want.


We can talk about your house, or your love life, but when you work with me, we examine beneath the surface. WHY are you feeling so awful without a relationship? WHAT do you need to do to shift yourself in order to meet someone who resonates? Why is it so important? You know, the root of it all. The things that you maybe are afraid to see.


I am able to see and predict, and it’s perfectly OK to talk about those things, but don’t you want to be able to shift and change and BEND things for the highest good of everyone involved? That’s where I’m coming from.


I bring in my information from Source, Spirit, Guides, Angels, your ancestors, your Spirit Animals, I don’t discriminate. I listen to whoever comes through. I tune in (with your permission) to your energy body and receive information from Mystery and am here to walk beside you to help you through those choppy waters.


Your boat won’t fall apart. You are resilient.  It takes action on your part, but my job (which I am totally into) is to lead you to those places you may be afraid of looking at.